Video podcast designed to help you learn more about Artista embroidery software.

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Quicktip 1: Horizontal Hoops
                  This 2 minute clip shows how to rotate all your hoops.
Holiday Special - Snowflake Applique!
                  Quick lesson on how to create an applique snowflake design.    FILE

Lesson 1: Applique - The Manual Way
                  This lesson shows how to turn any existing embroidery into an applique design. FILES

Lesson 2: Special Characters in Lettering
                  Learn how to create "instant embroidery designs" by using special
characters in lettering.
Lesson 3: Back to Basics - Flower Arranging
                  Manage designs, grouping, color sorting, viewing and fabric settings. FILES

Lesson 4: Digitizing Basics - The Cat
                  Simple Digitizing (REALLY!) Use your shape tools, work with block digitizing tool,
                  and create blackwork run.

Lesson 5: Monogram like a "Wizard"
                  Take a tour of the Monogram features of Version 5, make your own patterns,
                  and use the Diamond built-in fonts.

Lesson 6: Applique Hearts
                   Use built in applique tools to create "auto applique" and "partial applique"
                   with different cover stitches and view fabric inserts.

Lesson 7: Cross Stitch
                    Use existing cross stitch charts to embroider your cross stitch designs.
                    DMC cross stitch projects: cards, scrapbook, and pillow.
                    Original download no longer available: Alternate DMC graphic
                    (Download file - then change the extension to .pdf )

Lesson 8: Gradient Fill Workshop
                  Use gradient techniques to create dimension, use color blending, and learn to create
                  a gradient multicolor rainbow fill.

Lesson 9: Advanced Applique Feature
Lesson 9a         Lesson 9b         Lesson 9c         Lesson files
                  Try out this FABULOUS tool and create a jacobean applique floral motif - 3 part series!.

Lesson 10: Quilt Label & Pattern Run
                  Learn about the new pattern stamp feature while making a beautiful quilt label.

Lesson 11: Redwork/Quilting, & Stitch Edit
               Automatically create quilting and redwork embroidery from built in artwork designs.
                  Use the stitch edit function to perfect your lettering.

Lesson 12: Split Large Designs
                  Learn a technique to easily split an object into smaller pieces.