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The new Haswell chip:

Haswell might not mean much to most consumers – but it is very important.
Why? Simple: it represents the current range of Intel’s processors and, as such, it’s the technology that powers the latest Ultrabooks, tablets, hybrids and PCs.

Design improvements concentrate on reducing power consumption. Individual cores inside each processor can transfer between different states 25% faster than last year’s Ivy Bridge bridge processors, which means fine-tuned control over power consumption. The chipset itself also consumes less power thanks to more efficient tri-gate transistors. 

It’s easy to tell if your new machine uses Haswell – just look at the processor’s name. If it’s a Core i3, i5 or i7 chip with a name that starts with 4, that means it uses Intel’s factory-fresh architecture.


New Dell Venue 11 Pro (128GB) is one of the new Windows 8.1 Haswell
Tablet PCs.

The Dell website had this model at $848 (w $50 coupon.)

Surface Pro 2

Heart of a laptop. Body of a tablet. Designed for the power user who doesn’t stand still.

When you look at the price tag on the new breed of tablet PCs the question arises . . .

What are you going to use this for?

Would you be better served with a touch laptop and a reading device like a Kindle?


My dilemma has been determining what I actually use on regular basis - and how can I pare down what I carry with me.

The average person carries more than 3 devices!!!!!

I am not an iPhone or iPad user because of my love for technology and customizing - also the need for a USB direct connection. I do carry an iPod touch for my music. It syncs with my car stereo and allows me to use and become familiar with the Apple APPs, iCloud etc...

What else do I currently lug around?
- Android Phone (Love the Google APPs)
- Touch Laptop (Windows 8.1 - Windows APP Store)
- Kindle Fire
- Windows Tablet (atom processor :(
- Verizon Hot Spot to keep everything online.

That makes 6 mobile devices! YIKES!


I have had fun testing our new Software 7 out on the Windows Tablet . . . but how much will I really use it? I find that I get much more done with these programs on my laptop.

Try to narrow down exactly what you will use the device for most. Online media, email and books? Or will you be working with programs that need the Windows environment?

Really think about what your real needs are in mobile devices. Remember that mobile is also around the house - on the couch, in bed or on the porch.

Read reviews on all tablets available. Here are a few:
- PC Mag
- Engadget
- Consumer Reports

Do you have New Years goals for learning? How will you access the information when you have the "disposable" time to access it?
I find that I keep most of this information on my Kindle.

Do you have New Years "Get in Shape" goals?
Would you use your treadmill more if you watched movies or TV shows while doing some uphill walking? (This is where I LOVE my Kindle.)
When I run I use my iPod with the Nike APP.

I also have to consider airport and flight time, but that is usally longer stretches of uninterupted "think time." That is when I LOVE my touch laptop.
(I invested in an additional battery so I can count on a solid 10 hours of "power use.")

In conclusion? I decided to update my Kindle this year to the new HDX tablet instead of upgrading my Windows tablet.     Kindle HDX 8.9 (64GB w/Wi-Fi & 2.0 USB port) $479
(64 GB USB drives are now very reasonable and make it easy to store movies etc...)

And I am not going to carry my laptop in my handbag anymore :)
After really thinking on it I decided that when I am on the go I mostly read and research.
These activities do not require the Windows operating system.
That will take me down to 4 mobile devices (Phone, iPod, Kindle HDX and the Hot Spot.) Much lighter!

Maybe I should get a portable power supply . . .











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